Welcome to NEKOmmunication, a Petz 3+ site run by Kristina! The current layout is version 3, and if it looks at all familiar that's definitely not because it's (very, very) loosely based on an old layout for my crew site. (●´□`)♡ NEKOmmunication was previously closed/on hiatus due to lack of interest, but if there's one thing I feel the Petz community really needs in 2016, it's more active Petz sites! Please have a look around, adopt a thing or two, and most of all enjoy your stay! — Kristina <3

Latest Updates

<3 January 4, 2017
It's been a little while, but I'm still around! Takuya was adopted. Plz keep the apps coming in!

<3 August 27, 2016
I just realized my archive is already outdated, yikes. In the meantime, the adoption info has all been updated as Siobhan and Luned were adopted! Keep the apps coming so I have an excuse to pump new litters out. :')

<3 August 13, 2016
Updated the adoption info and added a new cat to the singles page. :)

<3 July 10, 2016
Blodeuwedd was adopted! Yes, that deserved its own update.

<3 July 5, 2016
Updated my hex archive! A couple customs were taken BUT more importantly I added my new file at the bottom. Also, several petz were adopted. Keep them apps coming, y'all. =b

<3 July 2, 2016
*cuts ribbon* THE SITE IS ALL DONE. Welcome back, NEKOmm! New resurrection, new layout, six new litters AND one downloadable litter as well! I also have a hex archive now. *claps*

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