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I love, love, L♥O♥V♥E to breed more than I love to do anything else in Petz. Every now and then I get reeeal ambitious and start up a breeding project. I've done purebred, non-inbreds, from-scratch — you name it! Here's where you can read a little bit about my various projects and see the stuff I cooked up.

Purebred Dalmatians 2014

This is the very first project I completed and it's definitely not a unique one. The goal was to breed a line of sixteen 5th gen dalis so that I could breed down to a pair of 8th gens if I ever wanted. I got so many goodies from this line — spotless, pink eyes, slothy eyes, black eyes, selfie lids, selfie ears, every color of the rainbow...

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Non-Inbred Tamsins

This was a very tiny "project." I thought old-school tamsins were cool, so I decided to breed up a few non-inbred 7th gens. Admittedly, the black and white pair are sisters, but I couldn't not keep them both. That tan fellow actually came later, for Arie's old-school breeding contest on WW (and we won together)!

Mini Sheepies

What's cuter than a sheepie? A bunch of itty-bitty sheepies wearing itty-bitty clothes! :3 I bred these guys down to chihuahua scales (100) which is the smallest they can get without hexed lineage! They all breed 100% true, so no giant sheepies or weird sizes will ever pop up when breeding them. I do think a chihuahua personality or two snuck in, NOoo... :(

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Satellite Fluff Danes

Mika gets credit for their name! She and I both bred our own line of these guys. The goal for this one was very hot danes with sheepie feet and chi ears that bred well. As you can tell, I also bred dachshund ears into mine, because I was very into that at the time. I bred a ton of them, but none are in my crew anymore, so this is all you get to see!

Oshies, Simply Oshies

I'mma let you in on a secret: I HATE big-eyed oshies. I just can't stand the fact that most of the oshies floating around the PC are bred to the wrong scales. :( This breed is one of the absolute cutest in history, yet nobody seems to breed them... at least not at the size I like and in the style I like. So, I set out to get most coat types and colors in my oshies, and I ended up breeding myself an entire new crew of 44. In the process, I discovered that they are the 2nd greatest catz breed of all time, right after calicoes.

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From-Scratch B+W Shorthairs

B+W shorties are so scarce it's not even funny! This was the first large-scale mixie project I did entirely from scratch (since I only bred a couple tamsins) and whew was it tiring and fun. I bred every coat (except RB) into my lines and got such a beautiful rainbow assortment of kitties. I'm very proud of how these turned out!

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