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I hex exactly almost never, which is why my archive, you'll find, is pathetically scarce. Down at the bottom is an application form which you can use if you find something you want to request! Not much is really available, but it never hurts to look. :)

Neon Blancs
borderline retired

Honestly??? This base was just an old file I dug up and recolored. I don't get why everyone liked them, since they're really just a shrunken oshie with some minor body changes! I don't really want to give out more of these, since every decent color is pretty much taken, but I still have the file so maybe you can sway me!

Taken: shown above

Eggnog Calis

Hexed for Pinto's 2015 winter hexing contest over on Whiskerwick! Tragically we didn't place, but I'm satisfied with this file. ( ´ ▽ ` )b They're limited because I've given out a few already and have some trades in progress for even morrre.

Taken: shown above + 209 eyes

Neon Vomit Danes
available but why would you want it

Um yeahhh. I hexed this for Tui's paintball-only contest (or, uh, whatever it was called lol), which my beloved Tui never did end up judging. I'm pretty sure this dane scared her away. I never gave any out and I think I deleted the original purple one, so have at it... though I don't know why you would.

Taken: 244 points w/ 174 eyes

Calico Calis

I've never really done paintballs by hand before, so I decided to hex a calico calico for some practice with PW. The one on the right was loosely based off my real-life cat, but any customs given out will follow the pattern of the left one. :) Hexed this off the eggnog cali body.

Taken: shown above

Did you find something you like? I'm pretty amazed tbh, but go ahead and read the rules and fill out the form to apply! You can also e-mail the required information to nekommunication@gmail.com if the form doesn't work. I'm open to trades (especially unique bred petz) as well as traditional written applications! <3

Hexie Rules

<3Please don't steal/duplicate/replicate any part of my file. I don't care if you want to open and look, just don't copy!
<3Neko is my PKC prefix, and you're also free to use Nekomm.
<3If you no longer want your pet, please return (preferred) or MPA (if I've vanished from the PC altogether). Please don't delete or resell!
<3Please don't modify your pet in any way without permission. I'll be happy to make small changes for you if you'd like.
<3Do feel free to rename and regender your new pet, though!
<3Updates and showoffs are appreciated, but not required.

Fill This Out!

Please erase the name, e-mail, etc. tags pre-written in the form fields as you write, thanks!

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