Dogz Litters

Dogz... What can I say about dogz? They're no catz, that's for sure. But I like them too. Below you'll find a variety of litters that I bred just so you could take a cuddly new puppy home with you. These petz will always have at least a face streak and chest patch unless otherwise mentioned. So if the photo isn't very clear, be sure to read the description! Boys are naked and girls wear flower hats.


Lexus x Haystack
Blodeuwedd Peredur Myrddin Luned Bedivere Rhiannon Gwydion

I like this litter quite a lot, which really says something considering they're mutts!! Blodeuwedd and Rhiannon have scottie ears; the rest have mutt ears. Bedivere has a snout patch but does not a face streak. Peredur, Bedivere, and Rhiannon have sheepie feet.

Gabriel x Dallen
Maui Koa Kai Apikalia Elikapeka Akamu

10th generation non-inbred purebred danes! They have two fathers — Gabriel is from my lines and Dallen's ancestry comes from 15000 different places. Akamu looks identical to Dallen, and Elikapeka looks identical to Dallen's daughter, Daisy. <3 They obviously don't have any white patches, being purebred and all.

Davie x Midas
Aileen Tallula Nora Siobhan Rowan Niall Patrick

LOL 3 of these look nearly identical, but they do have some differences! Aileen has mutt ears, while Rowan has dali ears and Tallula is spotty. I'm 99% sure they all have bullie tails. I'm really fond of Patrick... <3 He's so sweet and cute and he trots!

Found someone you'd like to take home? :D Just read the rules below and fill out the form! You can also e-mail the required information to if the form doesn't work. Please only use the form below for petz you found on this page. If you found a pet you like on another page, use the form on that page to adopt. This way, I can easily send you your pet without having to figure out who comes from what section. Thanks! <3

Adoption Rules

<3You may take as many petz overall as you want, but please only take 2 per litter every 7 days.
<3Unless I state otherwise, all petz are freebies — but it really doesn't hurt to write a sentence or two in case others apply for the same pet!
<3Neko is my PKC prefix, and you're also free to use Nekomm.
<3If you no longer want your pet, feel free to return, delete, or MPA. Just don't put it up for download or sell on PUGS.
<3Feel free to rename, regender, tree trim, hex eyelids, and make other similar modifications.

Fill This Out!

Please erase the name, e-mail, etc. tags pre-written in the form fields as you write, thanks!

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