Catz Litters

Personally, I am a catz person. Catz are just so fluffy, so lovely, so genuine, so honest, so sweet and great. Not to mention they're way easier to breed than dogz. Below you'll find a variety of litters that I bred just so you could take a cuddly new kitty home with you. These petz will always have at least a face streak and chest patch unless otherwise mentioned. So if the photo isn't very clear, be sure to read the description! Boys are naked and girls wear flower hats.


Lavender x Denim
Aero Flax Bronze Violet Amber Almond Brass

Flax is the only one without chinchi ears! They all have poofy chinchi tails, while Flax, Bronze, and Violet have poofy chinchi feet too. Flax and Violet are the only two without white tail tips. I love the classic orange tabbies. <3

Laboum x Sassafras
Alexandre Lou Maxime Patrice Adele Lazare Maela

Alexandre, Maxime, and Maela don't have any white patches, but I included them because they have alley spots without the grey muzzle and they're cute! They all have poofy chinchi tails, and Alexandre, Lou, Adele, and Maela have poofy chinchi feet too. They'll grow up to the same size as their parents.

Queen x Fry
Ryohei Yuko Nami Ayumi Kaori Takuya Aiko Tetsuya Jin

Tetsuya is the sole chinchi tail; all the others have a B+W tail. Everyone except Aiko and Takuya has a white tail tip. Hard to see in the pic, but Kaori has chinchi ears. They have the same meezer coat pattern as Queen, so you can see cream on Ryohei and Jin's tails. I forgot their hats so gender swap to your heart's desire!!

Found someone you'd like to take home? :D Just read the rules below and fill out the form! You can also e-mail the required information to if the form doesn't work. Please only use the form below for petz you found on this page. If you found a pet you like on another page, use the form on that page to adopt. This way, I can easily send you your pet without having to figure out who comes from what section. Thanks! <3

Adoption Rules

<3You may take as many petz overall as you want, but please only take 2 per litter every 7 days.
<3Unless I state otherwise, all petz are freebies — but it really doesn't hurt to write a sentence or two in case others apply for the same pet!
<3Neko is my PKC prefix, and you're also free to use Nekomm.
<3If you no longer want your pet, feel free to return, delete, or MPA. Just don't put it up for download or sell on PUGS.
<3Feel free to rename, regender, tree trim, hex eyelids, and make other similar modifications.

Fill This Out!

Please erase the name, e-mail, etc. tags pre-written in the form fields as you write, thanks!

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