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NEKOmmunication was first conceptualized in 2011. I'd always wanted to really run my own Petz site as a youngster, but it wasn't until I was officially an adult that the idea of a website fully came to fruition. Ironically, Petz was what actually got me into web design in the first place, so it's pretty funny that it took me so long to run a solo page. (I did start up a few Petz sites in my teens. None of them really got off the ground, or I left them to co-owners fairly quickly, since I was 13 and had a goldfish attention span.)

I started working on the site — bred up adoptions and the works. But then I went on a Petzy hiatus and the project didn't resurface until 2013. I tweaked the layout so it wasn't so ugly and badabing, badaboom. I had my Petz site. Honestly, I don't really remember if it opened in 2013 or 2014... But it opened in the end. It was a bit messy for my taste, so I restructured it into an adoptions-only site and opened up a separate crew site: The Crew @ NEKOmm. (That's the site I really work on the most nowadays.)

NEKOmm went on hiatus after about half a year, as I lost the motivation I needed for its upkeep. Then, at the end of 2015, I started wanting to reopen my cute little Petz site — because this slow death of the PC is so depressing to me. I missed (and still miss) the old school Petz sites, the Comic Sans overload, the cute little litter pics with all the eyeshines. And it kills me to see such a tiny handful of remaining websites, most of them having gone unupdated since last year. I wanted to be at least a small part in bringing the nostalgia back, so here we are. :)

Previous Layouts

More like, uh, previous layout. 'Cause they're just two versions of the same basic thing. But anyway! Below you can view the layouts that came prior to this neon monstrosity. They're neon monstrosities too. Click the thumbnail to view a bigger screenshot!

Version 1

This is the completed version of the layout I started in 2011. The images are completely different, but the gist of the original layout is the same: dark, dark backdrop and blinding neon highlights. Back in the day, my crew was part of the main site (and it looked SO ugly omg) but the little icons lit up in color when you hovered over them and that was really cute.

Version 2

And here's the "second" layout, which was just a slight tweak/revamp of the original. At this point, I moved my crew to its own site and transformed NEKOmmunication into an adoptions-only site. I really liked this layout! I still do in fact. It's a bit blinding, I'll admit, but the only reason I'm not using it right now is because I've already done so twice. HA.

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