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Hi! I'm Kristina, a twenty-something-year-old loser from Florida. I started playing Petz when I was about 9 or 10 and since then I've been playing it off and on! I was in the Petz Community a bit when I was younger, but I don't feel like I was ever really in it in it until 2011. By that I mean only one or two people would remember me from my 2003-2004 Petz playing days. I used to be really shy... I didn't have the courage to apply for petz, so I spent my young years hunting down downloadable adoptions and scrounging around the AAC. Now I've made a handful of great Petz friends and they keep me coming back to the community even when I get bored!

My gameplay style is HYPER-BREEDING. I've completed some breeding projects and even have a few from-scratch lines! I have dabbled in hexing, but honestly I don't really have the imagination or patience for it. I like web design (although this current layout is an atrocity — I threw it together in a couple minutes) and graphic design and writing. I don't write much anymore sadly, but one of these days I'll get back into it because it's definitely my one love!

Real Name:Kristina
Known Aliases:Single Mom of 14
Birthdate:October 18, 4000 BC
Marital Status:Single, obviously
Favorites:Horror everything, zombie games, pizza, being pretentious about pop music, this song, cats and catz, ABSOLUTELY NOT cockroaches.

Petzy Things

Like I said, I'm really into breeding. It's both a puzzle and a game of luck. I'm a bit of a petz hoarder (at least I think so) and in particular I hoard calicoes and danes. Here is a handy table of stuff that I like and stuff that I don't like. Not that you really care, but I figured since I'm writing about myself, why not keep this sort of list for my own reference? :)

I Like These Catz

<3Calicoes, oshies, meezers, alley catz, MCs, and BWs in that order. Everything else is cool but floats aimlessly in the nether.
<3Face streak and chest patch are a must and tail tip is a plus. Sorry, I'm a perfectionist.
<3Alley spots without the grey muzzle.
<3These colorings are THE BEST: red/brown, cream/tan, brown/tan and red/tan, black/orange/white, black/blue.
<3Eye colors I favor: 75, 130, 172, 173, and sometimes 60 range and 90 range.
<3Persian coats!

I Dislike These Catz

<3Tabbies and RBs aren't my favorite. They're still okay, though!
<3I can accept cali-type bodies on MCs and oshies, but meezers and chinchis really need their own bodies.
<3Big-eyed RBs and Persians. The latter is growing on me though.
<3"Selfie" grey lids on blue coats. Please no. :(
<3Incomplete gypsy markings — unless they blend in with another color in the coat and you can't really tell they're incomplete! =b
<3Face streak without chest patch and vice versa. It's all or nothing!
<3Mismatched lids. Nope, never.

I Like These Dogz

<3Danes and labs are my absolute faves, but I like most of the OBs actually!
<3Face streak, chest patch, AND snout patch are a must in 99% of cases.
<3Poodle, sheepie, chi, dachshund, and sometimes scottie coats.
<3Harlequin danes are my weakness. I love anything white and spotty, though!
<3These colorings are THE BEST: red/brown, cream/tan, brown/tan and red/tan, black/blue, black/white.
<3Eye colors I favor: 75, 130, 172, 173, and sometimes 60 range and 90 range.
<3Poodle legs!

I Dislike These Dogz

<3I really just can't get into scotties. :(
<3Mismatched bodies on pretty much any dog are a huge turn-off for me. I make some exceptions for bullies and poodle legs.
<3Face streak or snout patch WITHOUT chest patch... I can accept a lonely chest patch on occasion but never the other way around.
<3"Selfie" grey lids on blue coats. Please no. :(
<3I'm not huuuge on dane, dali, lab, mutt etc. solid color coats. They're just kinda boring.
<3Chi whiskers, even on chis.
<3Wrong-size dogz. Like slightly small danes or slightly large dalis. NO. El diablo.
<3Mismatched lids.

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